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If you’ve been asking yourself questions like "Is an electric car worth it?" or "Which hybrid SUV is best?" come on by the Mastria Kia EV center at your earliest convenience. The selection of electric Kia models and hybrid vehicles at our Kia dealership near Brockton ensures that you’ll have an easy time finding the ideal match. Plus, our Kia sales professionals have all the information you need regarding nearby EV charging stations, electric car range capabilities, hybrid mpg ratings and more, so you can shop the Kia hybrid lineup with confidence!

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What Is Mastria ECO?

Mastria ECO is a new division from Mastria Auto Group that’s developed for the modern world. As the automotive market continues to grow at a rapid pace, Mastria Kia is following accordingly by improving our sustainability and working with the community to be a leading expert for all things electric.

Now more than ever, local car shoppers rely on research, reputation and convenience, so come join us today to Experience Evolution with Mastria ECO.

Recycling, Waste Management & Sustainability

Here at our MA Kia dealership, we coordinate with local scrap metal companies to have them pick up any scrap metal and scrap parts that are no longer able to be used, where they are properly disposed of on a weekly basis. We also make a recycling impact by having old tires picked up by a tire recycling company once or twice per week. If the tires are repairable, local used tire wholesalers will pick them up and repair them back to proper safety standards. 

For our recycling process, we have different procedures at every location. Each store has bins throughout the building and a recycle-only dumpster that is picked up weekly. And because we believe in being resourceful, Mastria Auto Group uses old oil that’s been drained out of customers’ vehicles to heat our buildings in the winter. It’s just another way we do our part for a more sustainable environment.

Eco-Friendly Business Practices & EV Infrastructure

In an effort to offer paperless transactions, we are planning to reduce our footprint by going 100% digital. Quotes, agreements and other documents that were previously printed will soon be all digitized so we aren't wasting paper. We’ll also be introducing iPads to replace paper at some point within the next year.

Plus, nearly all Mastria Auto Group dealerships use solar energy. We do so to power our stores, reduce the amount of electricity we produce and save in the process. You’ll also be able to end your search for public electric vehicle stations in Massachusetts, as we have EV chargers at every Mastria Auto location. It’s just another way we cater to New England electric car owners.

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